Find out what clients have to say about Style 4 You

My personal shopping experience with Style 4 you was great. My consultant was professional and fun. She quickly picked up on my own style and needs and made great suggestions for outfits and accessories that were within my budget. I went home with items I would have never thought looked good on me- and now they are staples in my closet! I will be using Style 4 you again! – Karen, Toronto ON

I contacted Style 4 you to help me pick out an outfit for a function I had to go to. I loved my outfit and the suggestions for my hair and makeup! Thank you so much! – Kate, Mississauga ON

Sonia was very helpful and understood what I wanted to achieve with my look. I love the new clothes that we picked out! – Sarah, Toronto ON

I have a long-standing loathing of shopping for clothes but I wanted a good selection of things for work and play.  It felt great to be collecting a wardrobe that I really liked – particularly to have a few pants that fit well, as I find these particularly painful to shop for. Sonia really focused on what I was looking for and wanting to get from the session, while still encouraging me to try new styles and colours that I would never have otherwise. She was extremely reassuring and friendly, and put me at ease straight away. I gained a great basic wardrobe with some great stuff for going out too, plus a new awareness about the styles and colours that suit me best. This, in addition to learning about particularly good ranges and shops, will make future shopping trips a lot easier.  My experience with Sonia has made a huge difference to how I think about clothes, shopping and myself!  Neena, London ON

Style 4 You was definitely a service I should have discovered a very long time ago! When you open up my closet you would literally drown in a sea of black. It’s always been very hard for me to bring colour into my wardrobe. The wonderful thing about Style 4 You is that Sonia took her time to get a feel for what my shopping process was like and what I liked to wear. She then helped me break the mould a bit and start looking at different colours that I wouldn’t normally consider. The process was smooth, it was natural and it never seemed forced. Sonia is now my go to person for regular style advice! – Daniel, Toronto ON

Sonia & Style4You have been an absolute godsend and the first place I go for advice, ideas and resources when faced with a fashion emergency. Sonia has dressed me for speaking events and provided great advice for television appearances and digital videos. She has great insight into how to truly bring your style to the forefront and keep it there, instead of being trendy & fashionable. Whether it’s because I need a new red lipstick, or because I’ve to go make a positive impression people will never forget, Sonia has been the best resource I could want! – Niya, Toronto ON

I always feel like I have nothing to wear and that my outfits are boring, despite the fact that I do have quite a few worthy items in my closet. I want to look “put together” but I hate having to imagine what pieces coordinate with one another – and don’t even get me started with accessories! I know what I like, and I’m also pretty good at picking things out that flatter, but lately I have found myself despising shopping. I’m very petite, so I find it difficult to find items that fit well, look professional and aren’t too boring. Usually I end up coming home empty handed. Sonia helped me put the fun back into shopping and gave me the support I needed to make practical and stylish purchases. She listened to my needs and coached me on how to coordinate simple looks that fit my personal style. She also gave me some tips for tailoring and accessorizing so that I could accomplish a polished look. I am confident that the next time I go shopping I will actually enjoy myself. Thanks Sonia! – Celeste, Toronto ON

This is one woman who knows how to pinpoint the key items that help tie an entire look together. It’s amazing what the help of a style expert can do. It’s not just about looking good, it’s about giving yourself that polished finish. By sorting through my existing wardrobe, Sonia helped me put together complete workplace-appropriate outfits that let my personality shine through and made my going-out clothes look better than they ever have. She also took me on the most productive shopping trip I’ve ever experienced. For the first time, I’m excited about choosing which outfit to wear each morning – even my work outfits! Sonia insisted that every item of clothing in my closet should make me feel good – for the first time in my life, they do! I’ve never received so many compliments! I wanted expert advice to help me add just that little bit extra to my look. I ended up looking great and feeling amazing! Thanks so much, Sonia! – Melissa, Toronto, ON